Did you know emotionally charged events from your past can still be affecting you in the form of "trapped emotions"?  They can create pain, malfunction and eventual disease, and have a dramatic effect on how you think, the choices you make in life, and how successful you will be.  Call me today to find out how you can be set free from this unseen baggage and live an emotionally healthy life.  You'll be glad you did. 

Emotion Code utilizes muscle testing (applied kinesiology) to determine underlying causes of ailments and afflictions, whether physical, mental or emotional. Do you suffer from depression, anxiety or addiction? Maybe you suffer from "dis - ease" like fibromyalgia which causes you to feel depressed. Have you tried traditional therapies and treatments with little or no success? You don't have to suffer. End the cycle now with Emotion Code. No matter what it is, Emotion Code can help.  You can come to the office or experience Emotion Code by telephone in the convenience of your own home from anywhere in the world. 

"Peggy is my first call for the health needs of our entire family, people and pets. Her body and emotion code testing is amazingly accurate. When we first started working with Peggy, she was treating our dogs. One of our dogs, Brocco, had itching and hot spots that wouldn't go away after trying many traditional and alternative approaches. Brocco was completely healed after one visit and taking the supplements we got from Peggy. From that experience we learned that Peggy is more accurate and more affordable than any other option out there. A year later we rescued a dog named Girl who lived outside her whole life (11 years) and had to go through many surgeries and heartworm treatments with steroids that messed up her entire system. We brought Girl to Peggy after the treatments and Peggy brought Girl back to life with a supplement protocol that we adjust as needed, she is so much healthier now and has a lot more energy and seems younger. I'm now personally doing remote sessions with Peggy and she has pin pointed a virus that's been in me for awhile and has helped me release a lot of very specific stuck emotions from my past. She's been helping my step-daughter with some complex health issues as well. I HIGHLY recommend Peggy to help you and your pets with any and all symptoms!" Alicia M.

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