Does your pet have health issues that don't seem to resolve?  Maybe you've tried the traditional route, without results.  Or maybe you would like to avoid toxic chemicals, poor food, etc., and try a more natural route to achieve wellness for your pet.  If so, please call for an appointment. 




Does your pet seem to have emotional issues?  Yes, I can help your pet with emotions that may be causing them distress. I'm seeing great things with the pets I've been helping recently.  One dog had severe anxiety when she rode in the car.  After I did the emotional work on her, she was no longer anxious in the car.


I recently worked on a pit bull that had anxiety issues so bad that it was hard to even control her.  After working on her, she instantly calmed down and has been much calmer since. 


I enjoy helping pets and would love to help your pet.  Call me today to make an appointment.  404-358-5707 


If you're an animal lover like me, you want the very best for your pets. I've had many pets over the years and as I have researched health issues, I have discovered that the pet food marketed to the public today is not promoting a good quality of health for our pets. Everyone remembers the tragedy a few years ago with the pet food from China. That was a wake-up call for many of us. It caused me to dig deeper into the truth behind the making of pet food. Now we have another scare with the pet treats.  It never seems to end.  My dogs and cats are as important to me as children are to many parents. I want the best for them so that they have a happy and healthy life, and in turn I have fewer vet bills. As much as I like my vet, I don't want to give him any more of my hard-earned money than I have to.


“By-products” is one of the most common ingredients in our pet food. It may sound harmless but it is not. By-products consist of hooves, horns, skin, hair, feathers, beaks, feet, waste material, pig feet and snouts, and many more disgusting things. These come from the rejected parts of animals at slaughterhouses. They are not fit for human consumption as they are diseased or come from dying animals and animals found dead on feed lots. They can also include moldy and spoiled processed meats. Not to mention all of these dead animals have been fed chemicals, antibiotics and hormones. Does this sound healthy in any way? Did you know euthanized pets are sold to pet food companies where they become food for our beloved pets?

I feed my dogs and cats a raw diet.  I purchase raw meat that is specifically processed for pets, i.e., it has the organs and bones in it, which provides some necessary nutrients. Blue Ridge Beef is my source for raw food.  

Here is a very good article about pet food by one of my favorite holistic veterinarians, Dr. Becker:



I do not recommend annual vaccinations for any pet.  It is harmful on many levels and especially should NEVER be given to a pet with compromised health.  For more information see one of Dr. Becker's numerous articles on this subject:

Here I am working on a client with Nutrition Response Testing and Emotion Code.    All animals have emotions and it's always rewarding to help them.

Here's a testimony about a canine client I have been working on for a while. Please note this dog is FIFTEEN years old! Also, her hair has come back. So happy for Maggie!

"Friend and Cobb volunteer has helped my senior dog of 15 yrs old. As you can imagine she has some health issues at 15 yrs old. Maggie's liver ALR counts had zoomed to 535 and she had hypothyroidism and was losing tons of hair. I took Maggie to the vet the other day for a full panel blood test. They called me with results and said Maggie's liver counts are now down to 150, where they should be, and her thyroid is now normal. They said her results were great and to keep doing what I am doing. What I am doing is working with Peggy Minchew and holistic supplements.  Peggy not only works with animals but she works with people issues as well."

Sharon B.


Meet Hunter. Hunter came to me with some serious health problems, not yet fully diagnosed by the vet. His condition was life threatening and his family was extremely stressed at the thought of losing their sweet boy. My testing showed some of his organs were weak. My job is to determine where the weaknesses are and what’s causing them. I discovered he had a fungal infection, along with some trapped emotions. Emotions can have a negative on not only our health, but the health of our four-legged family members as well. I put him on a protocol of supplements to not only eliminate the fungus, but to support the affected organs. Not long after our appointment, his vet diagnosed him with blastomycosis, a very serious fungal infection. (I like when my findings are confirmed by the medical people.) Hunter’s family decided to give him the drug used for treatment, which is extremely expensive and has serious side effects, one of them being death. My plan was to continue to support his organs through the treatment and diminish the fungus. Well, I’m happy to report that at Hunter’s last vet visit, they said it normally takes about eight months to reach the place he’s in at only TWO months! Hunter is now blasto free and back to his old happy self and having fun with his new sister Bella. He had not taken well to her arrival last year but is now happy to play with her. I guess when you feel lousy, your whole attitude is lousy too. I am so very happy for Hunter and his family.