Celebrating the many people who transformed their lives with the help of Emotion Code and
Nutrition Response Testing

I have been a client of NRT (Health in 3D) for the past several months. The first thing I noticed with the treatment is that I felt like a fog had been lifted and I feel more like myself.  I didn’t know how foggy things were until it was gone.  I have also had a great improvement in my sinuses.  I have not taken any sinus medication in 2 months and before I was taking at least one 12-hour pill a day.  We also worked on my thyroid problems and I was able to come off my thyroid medicine.


Carolyn V.

I turned to NRT when I was diagnosed with high cholesterol.  The thought of being on cholesterol drugs, as suggested by my doctor, was a daunting prospect for me.  Through the supplements Peggy recommended, and by making changes to my diet, my cholesterol levels returned to a normal range.  I especially like that NRT is painless and non-invasive.  I would recommend NRT, and Peggy, to anybody looking for an alternative choice to the traditional medical route.


Pam Z.

I started the Emotion Code with Peggy and within 7 days I lost 12 pounds. I was so excited, I couldn't wait until our next session. Now just after 6 months, I have lost 60 pounds. She also eliminated my headaches of 40+ years. The supplements have improved my quality of life. Choose to give yourself good health by committing to this excellent program offered by Health in 3D.

Cynthia W.

I cannot say enough good about Peggy and NRT. Peggy has been a step ahead with supplements through NRT to enable me to continually have energy and consistent good health. The proof was when my recent blood work came back perfect, and at the age of 70! I have also gleaned bountiful results from the Emotion Code testing. My overall body is grateful for the opportunity of being introduced to this eye-opening experience and freedom from inflammation and pain!!

Elizabeth R.